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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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residents at risk, the baltimore fire department is shutting down three companies. >> the reason for the closures and why neighbors are so worried. >> hello. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about. >> part of the fire department's efforts to do away with rotating closures, derek valcourt explains it's a major shuffle of fire crews and equipment. derrick? >> reporter: it's important to note that no firefighters will lose their jobs and no city fire stations will close down, but some worry the shuffle will
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leave city residents at risk. for every fire engine and fire truck, there is a company of about two dozen firefighters assigned to work them, but under a new city plan, three fire companies, truck 10, squad 11, and truck 15, will all be disbanned. those firefighters will be permanently reassigned to other fire companies in a move that the fire chief says will not affect citizens in emergencies. >> we'll be there just as quick as we are today. >> reporter: several other fire companies will be relocated to new fire stations. it's all part of a plan to eliminate the rotating closures forced on them by the city's budget three years ago. but the move upsets many firefighter who is say that the department has already been cut to the bone. >> the citizens of baltimore are at risk, and so are the firefighter s that wear the uniform. >> reporter: this truck, they say s a perfect example.
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it is relocated to downtown but will respond to locust point to fort mchenry. >> i have to wait for a downtown truck company to get here in downtown traffic. that's crazy. >> reporter: the chief said that the analysis shows that the trucks in the nearby stations are still working. >> they can say whatever they want, and tell take longer for the trucks to get here because it's further away. >> reporter: the new plan takes effect july 1. live in downtown, derek valcourt, wjz, eyewitness news. >> for more, you can log onto and click on the story. a multivehicle accident brings traffic to a standstill. it happened on 895 near the harbor tunnel. only two people suffered minor
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injuries. traffic was backed up for several hours but is moving again now. a tragic accident, a child killed, a 5-year-old cecil county girl killed by a pickup outside her house. we spoke with her heart-broken family in upton. >> reporter: vic, the driver of the truck said he did not see the little girl, but the family said that they still have questions. instead of preparing easter baskets, parents are putting together a memorial for their 5- year-old child. >> she is my child and i will never get her back. >> reporter: jones was in this parking lot when witnesses say that a driver in a ford f-250 truck pulled out of a spot. he didn't see the 5-year-old and backed over her. >> he backed into my daughter without any regard. he is going home with his family. >> reporter: a family member rushed the child to the hospital, but she didn't survive. >> heard screams, unfortunately, and once he
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heard the screams, he stopped the vehicle. >> reporter: you can see the police markings in the police, and investigators have ruled out drugs or alcohol ooze factors in the accident. >> there is no signs of alcohol. the driver was tested and came up negative. >> reporter: the victim's father still wants the driver to face charges. >> what else can you do as a parent? report . >> reporter: a fight he said won't end until he gets justice for his daughter, and once the investigation complete, the sheriff's office will meet with the attorney to determine if charges will be filed. >> the driver of the truck was a 21-year-old man from northeast maryland. another child is in the hospital after getting hit by a car while riding a bike in the area of motor -- mortimer and
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rubin. they do not expect to file charges. and a murder to solve after a shooting in glen burnie. one person inside this house was found shot to death. a second person was inside and is tonight being interviewed by detectives, but no one has been charged. the maryland lottery is waiting for a winner. setting the record straight didn't produce a mega millions ticket or a new millionaire, and lottery officials are optimistic that the real winner will come forward. as cameras from around the world roll, the director of the maryland lottery said he has no idea who won the jackpot. >> the ticket has not been claimed. when it is, we will let people know there will be a release, and my guess is another news conference to make sure we are clear about the issue. >> reporter: he wouldn't comment on the story of
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mirlande wilson who claims she was the big winner. the lottery does have surveillance video frommed in the store where the ticket was sold, but it doesn't prove anything. >> we do not believe the time stamp on the surveillance tape matches up to the time stamp on the lottery computer system. >> reporter: the store gets $100,000 and the state, $13.4 million into the general fund. three tickets matched the winning number. the other two in kansas and illinois, and no one has come forward to claim those prizes, either. some big winners come forward right away, but not everyone does. many times, they wait, weeks even. >> i am not surprised that we are seven days out from the drawing, really, only four business days that we haven't heard from anyone. >> reporter: is it mirlande wilson or someone else? we know the winning ticket is a
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quick pick and bought by itself. mike helgrin, wjz eyewitness news. and sometimes t feels like you need to win the lottery to pay for gas. the average price for a gallon of regular has hit $4, only a nickel away from the state's all-time high. taking a look at the wjz pump watch, prices have soared 30 cents in the past month. before you head out, go to to find the cheapest place to fill in your neighborhood. paid to inflict pain, new evidence that an nfl coach rewarded its players for taking opponents out of the game, and the league has launched a sweeping investigation. mark viviano releases the tape that blew it wide open.
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mark? >> reporter: vic, the harsh nature of what the team did is more alarming when you hear the coach's explicit order on how and who to injure. gregg williams is indefinitely suspended for his role in offering his players money to injure opponents. newly released audio tapes of a speech prior to the saints' playoff game against san francisco in january indicate that williams instructed his players to hurt certain other players in specific ways, running back frank gore's head. >> make sure we kill frank gore's head. we want him running sideways. we want his head sideways. >> reporter: receiver michael crabtree, who already had an injured knee ligament.
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and strukdzs to injure consistent with the findings of the league investigation. members of the new orleans saints management team and coaching staff along with lawyers were in new york on thursday to meet with nfl commissioner roger goodell on april appeal for their suspensions and fines related to the scandal. those audio tapes were released by a documentary film maker who had access to the saints' team meeting. he said he released the tape because of the public outcry over the scandal. vic? >> mark, thank you. and the saints' head coach is suspended for the season. from football to baseball, excitement is building now that we are hours away from opening day in baltimore. crews have finished putting the finishing touches on the stadium. hopefully, the players will give fans plenty to cheer about
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tomorrow when they go against the twins, and wjz is your home for the best opening day coverage with our special pre- game show at 2:00 tomorrow and stick around for the action on the field at 3:00 on wjz-13. and coming up, a nightmare flight when a passenger is forced to land a plane. >> i gotta land pretty quick. my gas gauge shows nothing. >> how she stayed cool under pressure when she took over the control. >> inside the fateful 911 call from trayvon martin's death. who george zimmerman claims he said just moments before shooting the teenager. >> a teacher in trouble and her unusual classroom discipline keeps students from speaking out. >> and an april friday, a gorgeous opening day for the orioles. i'm have the complete forecast for the weekend ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 45 degrees and clear in central maryland right now, and the complete first morning weather forecast is coming up. an incredible spectacle in downtown st. louis, a steam pipe ruptures buckling the pavement and sending a plume of steam over the city. crews were able to shut off the valve in about an hour.
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no injuries were reported. the underground steam line helped to heat a number of buildings. an anti-bullying rally outside a texas high school ended with a melee. it started out peacefully, and then two men are seen taunting the group and start throwing punches. police arrived and detained them. they were a football player from the high school and his father. the father was charged with assault and public intoxication. the 911 call made by the man who shot florida teenager trayvon martin is coming under scrutiny. his lawyers are saying that their client used the word "punks" instead of a racial slur and was yelling for help before shooting the teenager. the audio tape is garbeled.
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from passenger to pilot in the blink of an eye, a brave 80- year-old woman was forced to take over the plane when her husband has a heart attack at the controls. scott pelley brings us her harrowing ordeal and how she landed safely. >> reporter: helen collins was not a pilot. so he had to rely on the control tower for quick lessons as she flew over sturgeon bay, wisconsin. >> okay, helen. put the gear down. helen, did you find the gear lever? >> i found but i can't get it down. oh, there. >> you look good. >> i don't feel good. >> reporter: a flight instructor pulled up along side in the plane to talk her down. >> start a left turn, left turn, and start a defense, left turn. start a slow defense. >> reporter: the instructor decided it was time to land.
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>> don't you have any faith in me? >> reporter: on final approach, one engine disputerred. >> i'm running out of gas. >> no. you're doing fine. >> no. >> reporter: on one engine, two wings and a prayer, she descended to the runway. >> don't dive for the runway. do not dive for the runway. there you go. you're doing good. power off. power off. power off. power off. power off. nose up. okay. you're dunn. >> great job, helen. great job. outstanding, helen. >> wow. that was cbs's scott pelley. helen suffered broken bones during a landing. her husband was pronounced dead
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shortly after landing. school officials say that a teacher asked nine fourth graders to put paper towels in their mouth because they spoke out of turn. some parents are considering legal action, and others have started a position positioning -- petition opposing the teacher's actions. an out of-this world honor for senator mikulski. the space telescope science institute named a super nova after the senator because of her tireless support of the program.
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the supernova was just captured by the huble this past winter. >> if anybody has that kind of magnetism, it's her. >> and tim will want to be a supernova, too, i'm sure. absolutely. we will all look like supernoaf -- supernovas with the orange on tomorrow. but you will be able to wear the spring-like clothing. it will not be so cold that you have to wear the winter-like clothing. we will have cold temperatures tonight across the northern tier of the state, and because of that, we have a freeze warning in effect from the top tier of the state right into west virginia and down into virginia because of cold northwest winds that will be pushed into our region because of high pressure up to the north and west, and hardly a cloud anywhere to be found. so no insulation. any warmth we jen rayed today will be up and out of the
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atmosphere. the cold air mass will be over us at least until 9 tomorrow in the morning. we did get to 63 degrees today, about two degrees above our normal high. so nowhere near the record as far as the highs or lows, but it will be chilly enough, not unprecedented to have the temperatures this cold in april. but we will bounce back quickly. can you remember, we have calm winds at the airport and 29.89 is the barometer reading and around the state, temperatures ranging from 39 in oakland to 52 down in d.c., and 40 on the shore, and around the immediate metro, 50 in annapolis and 46 in columbia. and 48 in rock hall and 45 in westminster. calm readings around the central portions of the state, and you can see the northern component to the winds blowing across the top edge of the
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state from elkton towards cumberland, and that will be the relationship we have the colder temperatures with high pressure up in canada that will continue to keep a persist ept dry and seasonably cold airflowing across the region, and the winds will stay with us through the night, and they will keep us dry away from the storms that will move across the southern portion of the country. these are strong storms, and some of them pack tornadic activity earlier in the week, and now they are moving out of here, and pleasant conditions stay with us through the weekend, so any plans for this weekend will be safeguarded. sun set tomorrow at 7:36 with the sunrise at 6:43 and a small craft advisory in effect. we have 36 tonight and mainly clear for the kickoff. that's a whole other sport. before the first pitch i mean, and our coverage at 2:00, mostly sunny and breezy and 65, 68, and 65 for monday and
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tuesday. denise and vic? >> thank you, tim. one last tune up for the orioles before opening day. >> and their kickoff. [laughter] mark tells us what the team has mark tells us what the team has for the biggest challenge and ,, this freshly brewed iced tea is really my cup of tea. honey, that's my cup of tea. yours is over there. oops. dunkin's iced tea is freshly brewed to delicious perfection. right now get any size for just 99 cents.
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hey, what do you think "artisan" means? it's latin. for what? really, really good bagels. dunkin's new artisan bagels are as authentic as it gets. soft, chewy, and delicious. grab one today. as my facebook friend bob says, tonight the orioles are in first place. i was at the ballpark today and if the weather is this nice tomorrow, we're in for a beautiful day. opening day for the orioles, a civic celebration for the start of the baseball season in baltimore. camdenyards will be filled to capacity, and will the fans have something to feel good about? manager buck showwalter put his players through the work out. the 25-man roster includes 14 players new to the orioles from opening day a year ago and take on the twins to start a three-
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game series and start a season that the os hope will have them ending the streak of 14 straight losing years. >> we want to win. we want to -- we want to get to the playoffs and we know what it takes to get there. so just being able to go out there every day and put our team in a position to win the ball game is what we'll have to do, and we prepare for that and we're ready. >> and when he throws the first pitch tomorrow, it will be a ball marked with a logo to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the camden yards. all the baseball that is the o a use at home this year will have the stamp. brandon mckinney is signing with the indianapolis colts, the third raven to join chuck pagano, the new coach at indy, but webb is staying and has agreed to a six-year contract to remain with the ravens.
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he was the third round draft pick in went 09 and has developed to one of the top d- backs in the league. college will a cross, johns hopkins back in action four days after the first loss of the year and bounce back big time with a home win over albany. this goal never in doubt, a 17- 6 victory improving hopkins' record to 9-1 on the season. in hockey, the washington capitals clinch a play-off spot but may have lost their starting goalie in the process. noivers leaves with a left leg injury but alec ovechkin and the caps go onto win and make the fifth straight playoff appearance. and i'll make a 6:30 a.m.
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appearance with the coffee tomorrow at the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you could call it the world's largest vending machine. instead of candy bars, it delivers cars. take a look at this mechanical marvel that sits next to a volkswagen plant in germany. the robotic arms move the just- built cars into parking spaces inside a 20-story tower like out of a science fiction movie. it takes a lot of quarters to get one of those babies out. >> that's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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